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  1. “Ask a YOU question. Don’t just narrate, DIALOG within your presentation. ” These are just two pearls of wisdom revealed in this gem of a book as Akash Karia delves into the speeches of four of the greatest speakers in the world. After Akash analyzes a winning speech by each speaker, he leaves us with powerful tips gleaned from these speeches.

    I was the first mentor of one of these speakers, Craig Valentine, the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International. I highly recommend this book for beginning and advanced speakers. Learn how to create and deliver a winning speech – buy this book and study it.

    Allan Kaufman, Distinguished Toastmaster
    Co-author of Presentation Truths Revealed: 101 Universal Principles to Propel Your Speaking Success
    “Your Next Presentation Does Not Have to Make You Sweat!”

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