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Design Sexy Presentations [10 Simple Principles]

I analyzed some of  the “Most Loved Presentations of All Time” on  Slideshare to  find out what made the slides so  effective and popular.

In this blog post, you will discover ten principles for designing sexy and effective presentations, along with sample slides from some of the best presentations on Slideshare. So let’s dive into the first principle…


1. Create a Killer Opening Slide

  • Use large text with strong colors to make your slide eye-catching
  • Use intriguing and unconventional images to grab audience attention
  • Combine powerful images with text to create a bold & powerful opening slide


2. Craft an Intriguing Title

  • Use a shocking title to hook your audience into your presentation
  • Arouse your audience’s curiosity with a question
  • Offer your audience a compelling benefit in your title


3. Create a Beautiful Theme

Create a beautiful color scheme or theme and stick to it


4. Use Minimum Text

Don’t write long paragraphs. Your presentation is not a document! People should be able to look at your slides and get the main message in 3 seconds


5.  Only One Idea Per Slide

Offer only  one idea per slide. Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience with too much info


6. Number Your Points

Keep your structure visible by numbering your main points


7. Make Use of Interesting Fonts

Spice up your slide with interesting fonts. Different fonts convey different feelings. Find the font that conveys the right feeling


8. Experiment with Rotating Text

Adding a slight rotation to text and images makes them more interesting


9. Use Stunning Visuals

3 days after a presentation , most people only remember 10% of what they hear. If you add a picture, recall shoots up to 65%


10. Keep it Simple

Simple, uncluttered slides with powerful images are your best bet for creating  powerful presentations …because Simplicity is Sexy!

P.S. Click here to check out the Presentation Slidedeck. Feel free to download it and share it on your blog, newsletter, etc.


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