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Coaching via Skype

Could you benefit from having a world-class public speaking and presentation skills coach in your corner?

How would your career improve if you could learn how to speak powerfully and persuasively?

What would it be worth to you if you could learn the techniques to win key decision makers over to your way of thinking?

Akash Karia is a professional speaker who has taught presentation skills to thousands of people worldwide, from bankers in Hong Kong to yoga teachers in Thailand to senior executives in Dubai. He is an award-winner trainer, author of “Speak Like a Winner” and been ranked as one of the Top 10 Speakers in Asia-Pacific.

If you have an important presentation or speech coming up, or if you want to dramatically transform your presentation skills and become a powerfully persuasive speaker, then this is an investment that will pay off big dividends.

Fees start at $47 per hour

If you would like to have a professional coach help you become a powerfully persuasive speaker, the first step is to contact Akash via akash@AkashKaria.com with the Subject Line: Skype Coaching. Feel free to add him on Skype (Akash.Speaker).


Bestselling Books by Akash Karia

Head over to Amazon and get Akash’s best advice for the price of a cup of coffee: http://amzn.to/18wWfF6


  1. Hi Akash,

    Read your e-book “10-Steps-to-Powerful-Presentations”. Must say Simple yet very effective. Thanks.

  2. We will very much helpful, if I get daily tips

  3. i read you ted talk book. Very well written and informative. Thank you.

  4. Hi Akash,

    I have been a subscriber to your website Communicationskillstips.com for a while now and have appreciated the information you provide. I work with clients who could use your help but before I refer them I would like to learn a little more about what you offer.

    I am a Speech Language Pathologist and teach English Pronunciation & Fluency (aka: accent reduction training) through my online program Pronunciation Pro. My specialty is pronunciation and fluency but I find that my clients are interested in more training beyond my course in areas of overall communication skills such as organizing presentations, conveying messages more effectively, public speaking, and debate. English is a second language for my clients but they are all at intermediate to advanced levels and have professional jobs where these skills are necessary for advancement.

    I’m sure I will eventually develop more courses targeting these other areas of communication but until then, I would love to have a trusted source to send them for this type of training.

    From what I can gather from your site, you offer books, personal coaching, and then I see some workshops and seminars. Am I missing anything? Can you tell me more about these seminars & workshops?

    Any other information you think is applicable to my clients would be wonderful.

    Thank you so much and have a very happy new year!!

    Annie Ruden M.S. CCC-SLP
    English Pronunciation Trainer

    Be Understood. Be Confident.

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