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Kindle Publishing Services

Amazon Kindle Publishing ServicesWhether you’re a speaker, consultant or a coach, publishing a book is a great way to earn passive income as well as build your credibility.

My name is Akash Karia, and I’m founder of A.K. Publishing services. Before I tell you what we do, let me tell you my story.

Set Your Sights on Publishing a Book?

A couple of years ago, I set my sights on the goal of becoming a professional speaker. I launched a blog, set up my social media profiles and cold-called hundreds of schools and universities to convince them to hire me…for free!

I was just starting off, so I was looking for stage time to build up my client list. I knew that publishing a book would be a great way to gain credibility, but traditional publishing seemed out of the question because my book was too “niche” – there wasn’t a big enough target market to convince traditional publishers to publish my book.

However, I knew that even though there was a small market for my book, if I marketed my book well to that group of people, it would do well. It would result in a good flow of passive income, as well as more speaking opportunities. So I went ahead and wrote my first book.

Fast Forward to Today…

Fast forward to today. I have published seven bestselling books on Amazon Kindle. I earn passive income of (approx) $1500 per month. And my speaking career has gone through the roof. Readers have contacted me for coaching sessions (which I offer over Skype), and I’ve been invited to speak at conferences in Tanzania, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, India…

The Struggle Self-Publishers Face

There’s no doubt that publishing a book can change your career. Not only does it give you extra credibility, it also results in new opportunities AND allows you to earn a healthy amount of passive income. But, self-publishing a Kindle book is not without it’s struggles. Publish a badly-formatted, poorly-edited book with a crappy looking cover, and you’ll damage your reputation and your career.

3 Easy Ways to Kill Your eBook Sales

Having spent a considerable amount of time researching the eBook market, I have found that there are four easy ways you can kill your ebook sales

1. Upload a Crappy Cover

If your cover doesn’t grab viewer’s attention, they won’t click on it. If they don’t click on it, you won’t sell. Don’t underestimate the power of a good cover. When I changed the cover of one of my books and made it sexier and more eye-catching, it jumped from being #97 in the Speech category to being a #1 bestseller overnight!

2. Save money by Editing & Proofreading your own work

Publishing a book without having a professional editor proofread and edit it will result in one-star reviews. If you’re not a professional editor, you’ll miss out on obvious mistakes – and readers don’t like to read books that aren’t well edited.

3. Upload a PDF file straight to Amazon

I wish publishing on Kindle was as simple uploading a Word or PDF document, but it’s not. You need to turn your book into a MOBI or an ePub file, which requires coding expertise and in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s formatting guidelines. Unfortunately, Amazon’s default PDF to MOBI conversion service results in a poorly formatted eBook. This results in bad reading experience, and angry readers will lash out with one-star reviews.

Publishing Without Going Broke

Not only is it difficult to find the right designer, editor and formatter, all these things can also be VERY EXPENSIVE. Professional cover designers can charge anywhere from $200 – $1000 for a book cover. Good editors can charge $800+ for short books, and eBook formatters can charge in excess of $300 for turning your manuscript from a Word doc to a MOBI file.

Having published seven books on Amazon, I am now very familiar with Amazon’s publishing process. A.K.Publishing comprises of a team of the best editors, designers and formatters that will position your book for success. This is the same team that creates all my Kindle books. A.K.Publishing is my secret tool to positioning myself for success on Amazon, and now I’m offering it to you…

3 Professional, “Clickable” Cover Designs for Only $39

A professional book cover can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000. However, at A.K. Publishing, we believe in offering affordable, eye-catching, clickable eBook covers. You’ll receive three, ready-to-upload eBook covers to choose from. Check out the covers some of the covers produced by the team at A.K. Publishing.

Amazon Kindle Publishing cover designs

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Proofreading and Editing Services

Send us your manuscript and our editor at A.K.Publishing will use her keen eye to perfect your work. The editor at A.K.Publishing is a full time editor, and has over20 years of editing experience.

Your investment?

Books less than 15,000 words = $199

15,001 – 25,000 words = $349

25,001 – 35,000 words = $499

35,000 – 45,000 words = $639

Choose the appropriate package and click the “Add to Cart” button below

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ePub and MOBI Conversion

Send over a Word document and we’ll convert your document into an upload-ready MOB I (for Amazon). Readers won’t know the difference between your eBook and those produced by big-name publishers!  Your investment?

Books with less than 100 pages = only $39

100 – 250 pages = only $49

250+ pages = only $79

*One page is equal to 250 words

Oh, and by the way, when you get select any one of the above services, we’ll throw in an ePub version of your book for FREE (Most sites charge extra for the ePub version)

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The Complete Kindle Publishing Package

Get the complete Kindle publishing package: 3 eBook covers, editing and MOBI + ePub conversion for the discounted price of only $537 – that’s a $50 discount! Offer only for books less than 40,000 words. If your book is over 40,000 words contact me on akash@akashkaria.com if you would like a customized quote for a complete publishing package.

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