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Public Speaking Manifesto: 10 Public Speaking Rules You Should Never Break

Check out the public speaking manifesto below.

Here are the 10 speaking rules you should never break!


  1. Ning Harpudiyanti says

    Dear Mr.Karia
    Thank you so much for sharing me again and again many of you writing. Its really helpful. But i am so sorry i am not answer all your email immediately. And no review your book yet. Because of my busy work .. ahaa…
    Dear mr. Karia,
    I love to write, and in my jobs was to write the report with 2 language, and present the result of the report (using the native language). Honestly your writings inspiring me, maybe one day I’ll send one of my report and ask for your help to provide input, how to make simple and powerfull presentation to my summary report. I wrote a summary report using English .. although my boss received it, I do not know what his opinion about my english .. he .. he. He is from Europe..has so cool.
    This time how glad I received your sample presentation. would you mind if I use it to my presentation next time.. ??

    Thank you and have a bless day. God Bless You

    Ning Harpudiyanti

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