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Dynamic Delivery Devices: How to Deliver a Speech with Confidence

Style and substance are the two key components of a solid speech. Along with powerful content, a dynamic speech relies on a powerful and highly memorable delivery. Without one or the other, a speech is only 50% of a speech. The following ‘dynamic delivery’ tips could be incorporated.

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How to Deliver a Speech with Confidence

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Project voice

Use appropriate volume to speak to the size of the room and the audience


Vary tone

Change the tone in response to the speech being given, for ex. serious, excited; this keeps the energy flowing and ensures that the audience remains engaged and clued in


Switch speed of delivery

Increase and then decrease the speed of delivery to focus the audience’s attention onto specific points; this enables the speech to engage and involve


Involve pauses

Intertwine pauses to add variety to the speech; dramatic pauses are especially excellent as they can emphasize certain points and engage attention in specific areas


Enunciate clearly

Pronounce words with clarity and vigor; this enables the audience to truly grasp content and the essence of what is being spoken


Avoid verbal distractions

Tune out any filler words such as ‘um,’ ‘like,’ ‘you know,’ and ‘so’ as these distract from the overall intent of a speech and focus the listener’s attention on all but the actual content of the speech.


Maintain eye contact when speaking

Continue facing the audience and proceed with the ‘searchlight’ effect– divide the room into thirds and face each with a certain point, this ensures that each third feels it receives equal involvement from the speaker


Vary facial expression

Alter facial expressions to the nature of the speech to make the experience more interactive and exciting for the audience; for example, smiling to express happiness and frowning to express disbelief are wonderful ways to connect with the audience


Incorporate hand gestures

Use hand gestures to enliven the discussion; there are 4 types of hand gestures, one hand subtle, one hand dramatic, two hand subtle, and two hand dramatic; feel free to incorporate such diversity and gestures into speeches so that audiences are more engaged and involved


Utilize body language

Make movement purposeful and geared towards emphasizing certain points; a useful idea is to imagine a triangle, and use each vertex represents a change in topic; it would be most effective to begin and finish from the center


Express passion

Project positive energy and enjoy the topic, this is the time to shine!


Public Speaking Pro: Shinjini Das

A decorated public speaker and a 3rd year Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket, Shinjini has competed in numerous public speaking competitions, and was most notably recognized as a 2009 Future Business Leaders of America Top Ten National Finalist in Public Speaking. She counts this as one of her fondest memories.

A President’s Scholar at Georgia Tech studying Industrial & Systems Engineering, she is an inducted member of the Alpha Eta Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, a select national leadership and honor society inviting members in the top 1% of college leadership for membership. She was invited as the only undergraduate workshop facilitator of ‘The Road to Effective Public Speaking’ at the ACC Leadership Conference in 2011.  Contact Shinjini: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/shinjini-das/25/b88/75b